Carry a dozen or more duck decoys hands free!
All of these decoys and more will fit in the turkey bag.
Not just a decoy bag!!!


Not just another decoy carrying bag!

OkeyTrail is one of the most versatile decoy carrying and blind systems ever. 

One OkeyTrail for ducks can carry 6 full size decoys and by putting two together, you can carry 12 decoys very comfortably.

The dimension is 6 foot long and 20 inches tall. The pockets are 12 inches wide and 18 inches tall. When empty it will fold down to a size of 10 X 10 X 1 inch.

An oversize OkeyTrail for goose will accommodate 5 oversized decoys. The dimension of this bag is also 8 feet long and 2 foot tall with 5 pockets. Each pocket is 14 inches wide and 22 inches tall.

The material is camouflage coated canvas 600 Denier fabric. It is water resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

To better explain how this system works, please click Here to watch the video.