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Single Basic Blind

This blind is great for turkey hunting or you just want to build a short wall blind

  • This blind kit comes with 3 aluminum foot sections, 3 aluminum vertical sections and can be ordered 5 different ways
    1. Frame with DRT camouflage panel
    2. Frame with New Conceal camouflage panel
    3. Frame with a Turkey Decoy Bag
    4. Frame with a 6 Pocket Duck Bag or
    5. Frame with a Waterfowl Decoy Bag
  • The decoy bags come with and adjustable weight-displacing shoulder strap
  • Includes 3 brush clips to attach brush anywhere on the blind
  • Rugged 600-denier material
  • TrueTimber New Conceal or DRT camouflage pattern
  • Do not machine wash or dry. Hand wash and hang to dry.


  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: Single Basic Blind
  • Manufacturer: Carry and Cover

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