How it works

OkeyTrail decoy bags are designed to be worn around your waist. They are made of 600 Deniar and are water resistant. It is available now in three different sizes, one for normal size duck decoys (6 decoys), an oversized bag for oversized duck or geese decoys or a three pocket bag to carry turkey decoys. The basic frame is made up of 3 different parts: a forked section to stick in the ground, a 45° section for the roof, and a straight section to build the walls and extend the roof. With these parts you can build a blind with a roof with no shooting obstructions. To build a completely enclosed blind, other sections are needed to complete the peak of the roof.

Blinds sizes can be unlimited. The basic blind, made with 2 duck decoy bags, is 6 ft. wide by 3 ft. high that is built as a wall to sit behind. This is constructed from three (3) forked and six (6) straight sections.

We also provide panels that are made of the same material and the same dimensions that can be used in place of or in addition to the duck decoy bags. This will allow you to build larger blinds without the bulk or expense of the decoy bag.


With four (4) forked, ten (10) straight, one (1) roof support, and two (2) 45° frame sections, two (2) decoy bags, and four (4) panels you can build a one (1) person chair blind with a roof. (Chair not included).

To build a layout blind you would need six (6) forked, two (2) straight, one (1) roof peak, and six (6) 45° frame sections, two (2) decoy bags, and four (4) panels. (A tri-fold beach chair is required to complete this blind).

A one person, fully enclosed ground blind can be built with four (4) forked, thirteen (13) straight, two (2) roof peaks, one (1) roof support, and four (4) 45° frame sections, five (5) panels, one (1) screen window, and one (1) roof panel. You can substitute another screen window for a panel to have a 360° view. (Chair not included).